The Scientific Linux 5 user interfaces have become obsolete and will be deprecated soon, according to the following deprecation plan:

  1. December 03th 2013: will stop pointing to the Scientific Linux 5 machines, and will redirect users to the Scientific Linux 6 machines.
  2. December 10th 2013: will become unavailable, therefore there will be no access to the Scientific Linux 5 machines anymore. Please, update your working environment before that date.
  3. January 2014: Deletion and removal of machines.

As you can see we have established a retention policy of the deprecated machines from December 10th 2013 to January 2014. This is to ensure a working environment just in case it is impossible to migrate any software environment before December 10th (limited access will be granted to those users that might need access to them). However, we encourage users, groups and software administrators to move and adapt their environments to Scientific Linux 6 as soon as possible if it is not done yet.

If there is any user, group or software administrator that cannot reach the described deadline, please open a ticket on our support helpdesk ( as soon as possible, explaining your situation.