All the users with access to IFCA cluster can now make use of Scientific Linux 6-based user interfaces. To access them just connect via SSH protocol to and you will be redirected to any of the available servers.

The most noticeable fact in the new SL6 pool is that they are running over the OpenStack cloud infrastructure hosted at IFCA. As a result griduiXX hostnames will no longer appear, instead cloudprv identifiers will be used from now on. The performance will not be neither hit nor enhanced, since the already existing ones (SL5) are also virtualized.

Our intention is to progresivelly move to a fully SL6-based UI stack, so we encourage users to try them and report any incidence that can occur. The deadline to drop the old SL5 servers is by the end of the year 2013, however this date can be postponed if needed. We will send a reminder when this deadline approaches.