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What is mpi-start?

MPI-Start is a set of scripts to close the gap between the workload management system of a Grid insfrastructure and the configuration of the nodes on which MPI applications are run. The package is used to help the user start MPI applications on heterogeneous Grid sites.

MPI-Start was originally developed in the frame of the int.eu.grid project for the execution of MPI applications with the CrossBroker metascheduler and then extended its use as the official way of starting MPI jobs within EGEE. Currently, it is part of the EMI project.

Development info and code repo is available at github: https://github.com/IFCA/mpi-start (old tickets still available at http://devel.ifca.es/mpi-start)

Get mpi-start

mpi-start was part of the EMI project. The packages can be still be obtained from the EMI repository.

Newer mpi-start versions are built with the openSUSE Build Service. A mpi-start project contains packages for the latest releases.

Source is available at mpi-start github repository.

Find out about the latest releases at the Releases info page.

Software Requirements and Specifications

The Requirements and Design page presents the requirements specifications and a description of the MPI-Start implementation.

User Documentation

MPI-Start documentation for final users can be found at User Documentation, you can check also the typical error list and solutions in the Troubleshooting Guide.

Developer Documentation

If you want to develop new plugins for MPI-Start, you can consult the Developer Documentation.

System Administrator Documentation

A guide for system administrators that install MPI-Start at the sites is at Site Configuration. gLite sites may use the MPI-utils package for an easier configuration of MPI support.

The service reference card contains additional information.

There are configuration examples in EMI-ES ParallelEnvironment to set up MPI-Start as backend for the different EMI-ES implementations.

More information

EGI provides also an installation and configuration manual. More information about the usage of MPI in grid environments can be found at http://www.grid.ie/mpi/wiki/.

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