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User Reference Card

If you are reading this page it is because you have an IFCA account. In this page you will find valuable information about your account.

General information

What can I access?

Access to all the resources at IFCA is not granted by default. To know which systems you can access to, log into your account page at https://ipa.ifca.es/. Then click on "HBAC rules" and have a look at the table.


If you have access to the GRIDUI cluster, you will be able to SSH into that cluster and submit jobs to the IFCA batch system.

  • - Basic Cluster Usage
    • Cluster guidelines: must-read docs to gain rapid expertise in the interaction with the cluster.

    • SSH keys management: use ssh keys instead of username and password when connecting to the cluster.

  • - Resource Availability


If you have access to the Cloud infrastructure you will be able to launch and manage your own servers.



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